Air Conditioning Service

There’s nothing worse than finding out your car's air conditioning isn’t working…just when you need it most!

Your car air conditioner works much like your one at home but on a smaller scale. While this can make it easier for us to diagnose issues with your car's air conditioning, it can also mean reaching certain parts of that system is difficult due to its location in smaller and tighter spaces behind your dashboard.

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We’ll check for common auto air conditioning issues

Some of the most common issues our clients find are:

  • The car air conditioner makes a strange noise when switched on

  • Air blowing from vents smells strange or is warm

  • The interior of the car feels damp or moist

  • It won’t switch on at all

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, there are a range of potential problems with your auto aircon, including:

  • A blocked, clogged or broken condenser

  • Faulty electrical wiring

  • Refrigerant leaking

  • Faulty cooling fans within the system

  • An unserviceable compressor

How we fix and process your auto aircon system

We know what you’re thinking…all of these things sound difficult and expensive to fix.

But, often the problem is relatively simple and can be diagnosed and repaired as part of your log-book or regular servicing.

As part of that process, we’ll complete a range of checks and tests on your air-conditioning system, such as:

  • Inspecting for leaks or damage to hoses

  • Checking the compressor belt for wear and tear

  • Emptying and adding refrigerant from and to the system

  • Checking to see if your system needs a regas (which is only usually needed when major parts have been replaced in your aircon system)

Change the cabin air filters

Most importantly, we’ll also check to see if your cabin air filters need replacing. One of the most common complaints from customers when both heating and cooling their car is the odour…that mouldy, musty smell you get full in the face when you first switch your air conditioning system on. Yuk!

This can often be fixed with change of cabin air filters during your regular servicing. Not only will it get rid of the smell, but new filters will help reduce allergens and pollen entering your car cabin, helping you and your passengers breathe easier!

What to do if you have auto air conditioning problems

Give our friendly team a call and tell us what’s going on with your car air contditioner. We’ll be able to either give you some information over the phone, as well as an estimate of cost for inspection and a time to bring your car in to us. Easy!

We look forward to seeing you at Hoppers Service Centre for your Air Conditioning Service and repair soon!