Log Book Service

A Log book service is a thorough service of your car according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Doing this will keep your car under warranty. But there are several other major advantages.

Why a Log Book Service?

  • Safety of you, your passengers, and road users

  • Extend the life of your car

  • Prevent paying for major issues

  • Avoid the inconvenience of not having a vehicle.

Did you know?

Regular oil changes can double the life of your engine. The heart of your car, your engine, needs good quality, clean oil to keep your engine running at its best. A Logbook service will help you identify any issues before they get any worse. This will save you money from the huge bills of major repairs or replacements that could happen if you don’t get your car serviced regularly.

When you get a logbook service done with us, you can expect an easy experience with reliable service at very competitive prices.

Logbook Servicing at Hoppers Service Centre

  • You’re covered under your warranty

  • Logbook stamped every time

  • Quality parts and Castrol oils used

  • Fully qualified and experienced mechanics

  • Same day or next day service.

Warranty information

All our work and parts are guaranteed:

  • 1 year on labour

  • 20,000 km or 2 year warranty for genuine parts

  • 1 year warranty on after market parts.