Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

Want to buy a second hand car, or other vehicle? One of the biggest risks of buying second hand is finding out about major problems down the track. The worse thing is when you are forced to pay to fix issues that may be worth more than the vehicle is worth.

Whether it’s a car, van or truck you need to make sure you know it’s true condition. And that it’s worth what you’re paying for.

A Pre Purchase Car Inspection (or other vehicle) is a comprehensive inspection to check if there are any mechanical, structural, or safety issues you need to be aware of.

This will give you peace of mind and confidence about the vehicle you are buying.

Easy, transparent and convenient

All inspections are done at our workshop and you are welcome to grab a coffee in our comfortable customer lounge or go across to the shops nearby.

We’ll use the latest technology to do a thorough check on your vehicle. So if there are any issues, you will know about it.

What next? After the Pre Purchase Inspection

After we’ve inspected your vehicle, we’ll go through the results with you. In a way you can easily understand. No fluff. No shop talk. You will get our honest opinion about whether your vehicle is worth buying. 

If anything needs fixing, we will explain what, why, and how much.

Need a same day or next day Pre Purchase Inspection?