Other Services

As well as Logbook Servicing, Minor & Major Service, and Roadworthy / Pre-purchase Inspections, we can help you with:

Free loan cars

We want your service to be as easy as possible. Without interruption to your day. So when you get your car serviced, you can use our free loan car to do everything you need while you wait.

Our fleet is fully insured so you never have to worry about any damage to the car. We know you’ll take great care of it anyway, but just in case...

So let us know if you need a loan car when you make your booking for your scheduled service.

Mechanical repairs

You can be sure your vehicle is in good hands when you see us for mechanical repairs.

We use the latest technology to give your vehicle a comprehensive service analysis. So we know exactly which areas of your car need work, and how much work it needs. This means your car will be in and out as quick as possible. At the lowest costs.

And parts? Only quality parts are used. We discuss options and give you recommendations so you can decide whether you want to use genuine parts or after-market parts. You can take your pick from all the leading brands. Or choose an after market part that meets your budget and the needs of your car.

What’s more, you’ll have complete peace of mind with our 1 year mechanical workmanship guarantee and 1-2 year warranty on all parts.